Dan Andrews Lobbed Some Very Diplomatic Shade At A Federal MP Over The VIC School Closure Mess

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews just threw shade at Federal Education Minister Dan Tehan in the most diplomatic way possible.

On Sunday, Tehan tried to have a go at Andrews for “taking a sledgehammer” to the education system by not reopening schools. Hours later, it was announced another school teacher had tested positive for COVID-19 in Melbourne.

By Monday morning, Andrews finally gave the public a piece of his mind.

“I’m not particularly worried about Mr Tehan,” he said at a press conference.

“While they were out doing that, I’ll tell you what I was doing: we were out there getting 13,000 people tested.

“Comments were made yesterday morning, a statement was issued after that. That was the end of the matter as far as I was concerned.”

Victoria is currently halfway through a coronavirus testing blitz, which aims to test 100,000 people by May 11.

The 13,000 tests taken on Sunday was the most in a single day anywhere in Australia, bringing the state’s total over the past week to 53,000.

Among the new cases revealed during the blitz was a cluster of 19 at a meat processing plant, Andrews told reporters.

Later on at the press conference, Andrews said he actually watched the whole debacle unfold live on the ABC’s Insiders yesterday.

“Fighting amongst ourselves is not what’s needed – fighting against this virus is what’s most important,” he added.

“The Victorian community should be so proud that they’ve followed the rules we’ve set, done everything we’ve asked of them, and we now have a set of numbers that are the envy of the world.”