A New Charity Hat Is Here To Help You Openly Brag About Yr Vax Status Without Being Annoying

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

The common hat: Fashion accessory, essential sun safety product, and extremely convenient blank canvas upon which just about any old message can be plonked. And while the messages that go on the odd hat have, traditionally, been fairly flippant (90s tourist destinations, exchanging ass for transportation, enthusiasm for bass fishing, and so on), now there exists a way to display the answer to what’s looming as the most crucial question of 2021 and beyond: Are you vaxxed?

With vaccination rates climbing towards magical 90% marks around the country, those who have copped the jab may be searching for a way to relay this information to the world without being a knob about it. And sitting comfortably in the safe middle ground between “yelling it in literally everyone’s face” and “dressing up in a giant syringe outfit and just going about your day casually” is Vaxed Hats.

A charity initiative aimed at raising money for Beyond Blue, Vaxed Hats are a convenient, functional, and decidedly chill mode of elating in your vaccinated status without being over the top about it.

The trucker-style caps come in a handful of different colours, with all sporting the distinct “VAXED” message in black and white on the front.

$5 from every hat sold goes directly to Beyond Blue, specifically their 24/7 Support Service, which provides “immediate, short–term counselling, mental health information and referrals to anyone in Australia via telephone and email 24/7.”

On the subject of why the hats have the single x “VAXED” rather than “VAXXED,” the Vaxed Hats website explains that “the double x version of the word has been weaponised by the “anti-vaXXer movement” and now has negative connotations. This is why we have decided to use “Vaxed” on all our hats – as a positive term for good,” which is certainly hard to argue with.

The whole initiative aims to “spread awareness among all age groups that being Vaxed is the responsible thing to do for the sake of a healthy community,” so that we can “party again like it’s 2019!” And be damned if that thought doesn’t cause a pang of emotion within.

We’re all moving oh so slowly back towards a beautiful day at the pub together, my friends. A jug or two, a bowl of chippies for the table, a cool breeze wafting through the beer garden.

But until that day comes, get yourself a hat, why not. It’s all for a good cause.

The hats go for a casual $35 plus shipping, and can be picked up via the Vaxed Hats website.