United Airlines Just Mistakenly Flew A Dog To Japan Instead of Kansas

Today in “How has United Airlines massively screwed up?”, the airline is in even more serious trouble after an accidental dog-swap happened. That’s right folks, the airline somehow flew the wrong dog to the wrong family in the wrong damn country.

After the Swindle family decided to up and move across the country to Kansas they expected their German shepherd, Irgo to follow suit. But who were they reunited with instead? An equally confused Great Dane who was meant for Japan, which meant ten-year-old Irgo was in a completely different country about 14 or so hours away from his human family.

Safe to say Irgo’s humans were absolutely distraught.

The Swindle family told KCTV they arrived in Kansas on Tuesday when they met the unfamiliar Great Dane at the cargo facility. United then scrambled as fast as they could to get in touch with Japan who later confirmed Irgo had safely made the trip and would see a veterinarian before making the flight home. Irgo is expected to be back on home soil on Thursday evening.

How could this happen? Well apparently there was an ‘error’ during a connection at Denver International Airport which saw the two dogs swapped. And apparently this error happened because the kennels looked similar. Righto.

Swindle told KCTV,

“I don’t know if he’s [Irgo] going to be able to sustain this flight, because he is a 10-year-old dog, and he’s never been on a flight before…I honestly don’t know if he’s going to survive this flight.”

It has been an utter disgraceful week for the airline after the death of the French Bulldog puppy who had been placed in overhead storage for a three hour flight. The compartment had no ventilation or access to water and when the plane landed, the ten-month-old puppy was dead.

In early 2017 shocking video footage surfaced of passenger Dr. David Dao being dragged off an over-booked United flight. Then just months later, the airline was sued for the death of a continental ‘giant’ rabbit named Simon.