Gang Of Youths recently set off on a US tour, but the infamous American aviation industry has struck yet again, with front-man Dave Le’aupepe hopping off a flight to discover that his beloved Gretsch guitar had been smashed in transit.

The singer took to Instagram earlier today to express his sheer delight at seeing how badly Delta airlines had messed up his instrument, saying “really appreciate it.” He also shared a picture of the guitar, complete with a very forlorn-looking broken neck:

@delta thanks for breaking my @officialgretsch guitar. really appreciate it.

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Gang Of Youths have a sold-out gig coming up in Nashville next Monday, so hopefully some kind soul is able to step up and help the band out prior to that.

Below, you can witness the band in happier times, as Dave wields his still-intact guitar during a performance of ‘What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out‘ on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

This has not been a great couple of days for aviation-related incidents in the US. Earlier this week, a French Bulldog puppy died on a United airlines flight, after an unnamed flight attendant made the unthinkably stupid call to stow him in a stuffy overhead locker.

United managed to massively screw up again a short time later, when a family arrived in Kansas to find that the airline had somehow done a dog swap, and their ageing German Shepherd had been accidentally put on a flight to Japan.

In the wake of the earlier incident, a US Senator proposed a bill prohibiting airlines from stowing pets in overhead luggage buns, at the risk of “significant fines.”

Image: Getty Images / Cassandra Hannagan