Controversial anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman‘s ill-fated trip to Melbourne earlier this month is seeming more and more like a bad dream, but unlike bad dreams – and more like herpes, in this quickly disintegrating analogy – shit has come back to bite.

United Airlines has copped a $10,000 fine for letting old mate fly from Los Angeles to our fair shores without a visa, after the Department of Immigration cancelled it on character grounds (i.e. because he’s a twat.)

The visa ban also meant Newman was placed on the Movement Alert List – a naughty list of more than 700,000 people who pose a possible health or security risk, or owe $$$ to the Commonwealth – and it was the responsibility of the airline to stop him boarding the plane, which they didn’t take at all seriously. So yeah, this is its slap on the wrist.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has also ordered the department to investigate exactly *how* how he slipped through the net when national security and border control strategy is at an all-time high.

United Airlines Cops $10,000 Fine For Letting Troy Newman Fly To Australia

Newman spent 24 hours in the custody of Australian Border Force officials before he was unceremoniously returned to whence he came – a sad, stinky place he can stay forever, thanks.

Via Fairfax.