It may surprise you to know that the true purpose of the internet is not, in fact, the distribution of pornography. Despite appearances, the real reason humanity has set up this intricate web of information is to upload and disseminate pictures and videos of baby animals. 

And so it gives me a deep and abiding joy to present to you the most recent and, dare I say it, best new baby animal content: the baby flamingo. 

Twitter’s Losing Its Shit Over This Baby Flamingo & Quite Frankly So Are We


This tiny strong-legged fluffball is in residence at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, USA. It doesn’t have a name and we don’t know what gender it is and neither of those things matter because it’s trying its best and it’s doing a wonderful job. 

I cannot overstate it: I love this bird.

And so does everyone else with eyes and a heart, obviously.

So what can we learn from this small and noble creature? A) never skip leg day; b) never give up; c) it’s okay to do peculiar things (who sits like that?!) as long as you feel comfortable. 

We love you, baby flamingo. Truly we are blessed by your presence on this great wide world of Web.

Source: Twitter.

Image: Twitter / @celesse.