WATCH: Meet Squish, A Baby Flamingo In Singapore W/ V Special Blue Shoes

Jurong Bird Park in Singapore have today shown off the absolutely adorable Squish – a bb flamingo who was abandoned by his mama as an egg – strutting around the nature reserve.

But Squish, whose legs are slowly developing strength, ain’t on his own when he goes for walkies. He has his own custom-made blue shoes to protect his developing feet from the hard ground – ya see, flamingos in the wild would never be faced with concrete. But it’s okay, because the flamingo knows fashurrrn.



Just look at him, heading into the Park a little flamingo on a mission.

Squish was found as an egg by zookeepers at the Bird Park, who incubated him until he hatched on 7 June. Raised on eggs and multi-vitamins, the bebé has grown over the past two months from just 90.5g to 1.2kg.

At the moment, he lives in the Park’s weaning room, where he learns to feed on his own, and acclimatises to real-world temperatures.

But when he reaches three months old, Squish will join 300 other flamingos at the Park’s Flamingo Lake.

I want to go to there.