Twitter Relentlessly Binned Sonia Kruger’s ‘Reverse Discrimination’ Take

Breakfast television doesn’t have a monopoly on small-minded and overpaid celebs saying stupid shit, but it sure does contain higher than average doses of stupid shit than most other TV (except for ‘The Bolt Report‘, obviously).
Likewise, Sonia Kruger doesn’t have a monopoly on saying stupid shit on breakfast television, but she’s sure making a habit out of it.
After only 2 weeks ago suggesting that we blanket ban Muslims from immigrating to Australia, Kruger has done it again: this time suggesting that scholarships for helping trans/queer students are ‘reverse’ discrimination.
Needless to say, she got mad roasted on the internet for demonstrating an incredibly poor understanding of what scholarships are for:

Now we just wait for her to issue a half-assed apology that doesn’t actually address anyone’s concerns.

Photo: Brendon Thorne / Getty.