Dashcam Footage Of That Sickening Tullamarine Sign Collapse Has Emerged

Harrowing dashcam footage has emerged of the moment a massive sign above Melbourne’s Tullamarine freeway collapsed on a passing car yesterday afternoon. 

Nine News journalist Lana Murphy shared the video on Twitter, demonstrating the sudden and unexpected collapse which injured the car’s 53-year-old driver.

The driver was admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital last night with arm and neck injuries. She was reported as being in a stable condition.

Somehow, the sign – perched above the inbound exit for Bulla Road and Bell Street, near Essendon Airport  – did not damage any other vehicles, despite falling directly onto the freeway.

Major Road Projects Victoria is set to thoroughly investigate the shocking incident.

A spokesperson from Transurban, the firm which handled the contracts to build that section of freeway, told ABC that other similar signs were tested for safety overnight.