Truly Wild Dashcam Footage Has Emerged Of A Car Being Chased By An Axe-Wielding Holden Driver

An absolutely wild video has emerged of an axe-wielding man chasing down a car in Byron Bay in what appears to be an extreme case of road rage. This is why they invented the car horn.

In the vid, which was recorded last August, the man can be seen swinging an actual axe out of the window of his Holden.

I have many questions: Does he always keep an axe in his car? Was it sat on the front seat for the entire drive? How did the axe manage to fit out of the window?

The victims of the attack were driving a Mercedes Benz, whose dashcam recorded the footage. In a particularly scary bit of the clip, the axe-wielding Holden-driver seems to try and run the other car off the road.

In the video one of the car passengers can be heard saying “he’s got an axe, dude!” when the Holden swerves in front of them.

This would also be my response, except with at least 14 more swears.

When the Mercedes changes lanes the car follows it, stops briefly on the motorway, and then when the Merc chucks a uey, continues to chase them down the OTHER side of the road.

The driver and passenger of the Mercedes are, I will say, impressively calm.

When the Holden follows them off the motorway, one literally says “don’t stress”, which is the exact opposite of what I’d be doing in the situation (screaming, crying and throwing up, in that order).

The footage is honestly pretty freaky, especially when the Holden rams them at the roundabout. At that point, the drivers can be heard swearing loudly (understandable), though luckily no one seems to have been injured.

If you want to watch what’s essentially Grand Theft Auto in real life, you can check out the full vid below.

The 47-year-old pleaded guilty to predatory driving and being armed with intent. He’s now been jailed for two years, according to 7News.

And now, I have unlocked a driving fear that I didn’t even know existed!