Donald Trump (Genius) Reportedly Wanted A Moat Full Of Snakes At The US-Mexico Border

Trumo wanted reptiles in a moat at the border.

Even if you are a big-time fan of Donald Trump, you surely must acknowledge that his brain is profoundly abnormal. While most of us arrive at our thoughts and opinions in a linear fashion, building upon our existing thoughts and opinions and changing them over time, ideas seem to spontaneously pop into Trump’s brain out of nowhere, fully formed. Many people would only briefly entertain the notion of furnishing a 3,154km border wall with a moat filled with deadly reptiles before dismissing it entirely as ridiculous. Not so for Trump, who reportedly repeatedly floated the idea with his aides, according to an excerpt from a book soon to be released about his policies on the US-Mexico border.

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Published today in the New York Times, the excerpt from Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration alleges that not only did Trump seek an estimate for the cost of “fortifying a border wall with a water-filled trench” that would be “stocked with snakes or alligators”, he also asked if it could possibly be electrified and topped with spikes that could “pierce human flesh”.

The excerpt also alleges that Trump made multiple suggestions that immigrants that throw rocks should be shot in the legs to “slow them down,” but was told by his aides that that would be illegal. While this sounds fucking insane, the report was corroborated by Fox News, who are usually far more interested in making Trump look as good as possible.

The book comes while Trump is currently facing impeachment proceedings launched by the Democrats, which he appears to be dealing with calmly and rationally:

Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration is set to be released October 8, and should be a great read if you love being vaguely depressed at how the people in power are an absolute mess.