Mexico Wins At Easter, Explodes Donald Trump Effigies In Place Of Judas

While the core tenets of the Easter story remain in most offshoots of Christianity, vast cultural differences have shaded interpretations worldwide. 

Orthodox Christians may choose to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ later in the year, while more extreme followers of the Catholic faith in The Philippines might actually get hung up on crosses themselves. 

Here, we’re talking about Mexico, ’cause they’ve got a pretty unique Easter tradition of their own. They like to blow shit up in effigy, in place of Jesus’ bitch-ass snitch traitor Judas Iscariot. And what better way to represent a figure of universal ire in 2016 than with giant, papier-mache Donald Trumps. 

Speaking to the Washington Post, Mexico City resident Leandro Linares said “for Latinos here and in the U.S., he’s a danger, a real threat.” 
While Australia has the partial fortune of observing the calamitous run-up to the U.S. presidential election from afar, Trump has been incredibly vocal on his stance towards the border nation. 
His foreign policy centres around building an actual bloody wall between the two nations to curb illegal immigration, and forcing Mexico to pay for it. That’s why, as Linares says, “he’s a good man to burn as a Judas.”

La Quema de Judas 2016 #sábadodegloria #trump #culero #quemadejudas #mexisexi????

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The burnt figures often represent more typical examplars of evil, like the Devil himself, and figures like Osama Bin Laden have also had their paper faces set alight. 
If being placed alongside evil incarnate doesn’t portray the nation’s sentiment to the Great Orange One, we’re not sure what ever will. 

Queremos la cabeza de Trump

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Source: Washington Post.