Tony Abbott “Very Confident” MH370’s Black Box Close To Being Found

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tentatively addressed unconfirmed reports that the black box from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is close to being found, saying he is “very confident the signals are from the black box.” 
Abbott has this afternoon staged a press conference in China where he confirmed that the search area for the missing plane has been narrowed considerably “because we’ve now had a series of detections, some for quite a long period of time.
“Nevertheless, we’re getting to the stage where the signal from what we are very confident is the black box is starting to fade. We are hoping to get as much information as we can before the signal finally expires.”
Reporters from the ABC and SBS currently in China have also added that out of respect Abbott will not comment further on unconfirmed reports propagated by a Western Australian journalist today that the black box had actually been found until he has been fully briefed and has met with the Chinese president later tonight.

Photo: Paul Kane via Getty