Tony Abbott: A Satellite Has Picked Up Objects That Could Be Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

In what could be the first real non-Courtney Love-related break in the baffling disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, ABC News reports:

“Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced objects possibly related to the search for the missing Malaysian Airlines plane have been found in the southern Indian Ocean.

“Mr Abbott says new satellite images show two possible objects in the ocean and an Australian Orion aircraft is en route to the area.”

Mr Abbott did not confirm that the objects spotted are part of the missing plane, however the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has called a news conference for 3.30pm following further inspection of the objects.

UPDATE: The AMSA press conference has finished and the following has emerged: satellite images have located several large objects 2500km off the coast of Perth, launching a full scale search by four aircraft (two RAAF, one New Zealand Air Force and one United States Navy), which have been reoriented since 1:50pm this afternoon; one RAAF aircraft is already on location, the others are expected between now and 8pm. The largest detected object is 24m long, and while their sighting is being described as credible enough and the best lead uncovered in the thirteen days since MH370’s disappearance, “there is no guarantee” of their validity and when exactly the objects will be physically retrieved. Another key point: “it is not unusual to see debris floating in the sea.” 

You can see the full AMSA Media Release here

Photo by Paul Kane for Getty Images