This Tony Abbott Fan’s Call To Talkback Radio Has Just About Done Us In

As tomorrow’s election draws closer and closer, a reality is dawning: Tony Abbott, weirdest unit in Australia and maybe the world, might actually lose his seat. Independent insurgent Zali Steggall has a very, very decent chance of snatching Warringah out from under the former PM, and now we’re all mentally steeling ourselves for what could be the strangest concession speech in Australian history.

Not everyone is entirely delighted by this. The conservative media elite are died-in-the-wool Abbott megafans, and there’s definitely still a thriving Team Tony fortress on Sydney‘s Northern Beaches. And they are not happy that their boy might face the blade.

Take this caller to Alan Jones‘ show this morning. Alan, a bona fide Tony acolyte, was fielding calls from listeners who commiserated about how terrible the treatment of Abbott has been. Then this lady called. Please listen:

Wowee! Can’t wait for Saturday!