Tony Abbott Gives Dark 1st Radio Interview, Says Coalition Must Answer To God

Tony Abbott gave his first broadcast interview since being deposed as PM to Ray Hadley on 2GB this morning, and it was exactly the circle jerk love-fest you might have expected. 

ICYMI, here’s a fairly accurate representation:

Once or twice, however, they did stray somewhere in the vicinity of ‘hard-hitting’ interview questions, if ‘hard-hitting’ means asking it once, and not pushing the point at all.

And Tony Abbott’s lack of elocution – which so often tripped him up during his prime ministership – reared its ugly (if comical) head once again.

He’d held his ground steady, refusing to be drawn into either confirming or denying that Scott Morrison had warned Abbott or his staff of the impending spill, joking that he wanted to avoid headlines like “Tony Abbott slams Scott Morrison“, and Ray Hadley verbally elbowing him in the ribs with a ‘heh heh… I think you’re going to get it anyway.’ (Because, what, we sit here and make up quotes or something?)

But then, towards the end, when the conversation had worked its way back into leadership spill territory, Abbott’s brain either disconnected from his mouth, or threw up its hands and went ‘Oh, sod, it, Tones, you go ahead and say what you want.’

Which was:

“You’ve got to rely on the people close to you. You just have to.”

“All I can say of Julie [Bishop] and Scott, they were extremely effective ministers in my government and I’d expect them to continue to be very effective ministers in the new government.”

“In the end, I suppose all of us have got to answer to our god and our consciences.”

The subtext of which is: you’ve got what’s coming to ‘ya, you traitorous bastards.


Listen to the full interview HERE.

Picture: 2GB / Sky News.