Shockingly, Tony Abbott Still Thinks The Libs Should Preference One Nation

In what’s easily going to be the most shocking, unexpected, totally out-of-the-blue news you’ll hear all day, Tony Abbott remains steadfast in his belief that the Liberal Party should preference Pauline Hanson and One Nation over both the Labor party and the Greens. Even despite, y’know… *vaguely waves hand* all of that.

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Following Hanson’s genuinely batshit insane press conference this afternoon – which started with several stammering missives against the ABC, quickly became an exercise in throwing both quote-unquote “mates” James Ashby and Steve Dickson under the bus while they were standing directly behind her, and ended with an incredibly bizarre call out for cash donations – representatives for Abbott have asserted the Onion Man himself has not wavered in his previously stated belief that the Liberal Party’s best bet is to direct preferences to One Nation.

A year ago, almost to the day, Abbott appeared at the launch of Hanson’s book and asserted he would preference a “constructive” One Nation well above Labor and the Greens, who he would put dead last on the Liberals list.

I think that you should preference in the order of people’s capacity to make a constructive contribution to our national life,” the former prime minister said in March 2018.

Based on the current record I would put the Greens last, I would put Labor second last, then I would put constructive independents and minor parties and then I would put the Coalition and its allies first.

I would certainly put One Nation above Labor and the Greens because, let’s face it, we have been able to work constructively in the Senate with One Nation.

A spokesperson for Abbott’s office told the The Age that, despite everything that’s gone on over the past few weeks, his position on One Nation remains unchanged.

The Liberal Party is under increasing pressure to preference One Nation last and effectively remove their disruptive, racist presence from Federal Parliament at the next election.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison finally relented earlier today and confirmed the party would preference One Nation below both Labor and the Greens, but stopped well short of confirming they’d be last on the Liberal’s ticket.

Great work all around, gang. Top effort.