Tony Abbott Fans Booed Turnbull’s Name At An RSL And Tony Friggin’ Loved It

Oldmate Tony Abbott, who wastes no opportunity these days to whip up a bit of antagonism against Malcolm Turnbull, gave a speech to his most rabid faithful at Balgowlah RSL in his electorate of Warringah – and the crowd, as you might expect, aren’t the biggest fans of Malcolm.

“Everybody in this room should do everything we can to help elect the Turnbull Government,” Abbott said. As expected, his fans didn’t like that, and they wildly booed it, which Tony couldn’t help smile at. He doesn’t get much love anywhere else these days, so maybe you can’t blame him for treating himself to a grin.
“Please! Please!” Abbott said, waving his arms around, performing the most convincing effort I’ve ever seen of someone telling a crowd to stop while also desperately wanting them to continuing booing.
Look at him. Look at him.

It’s like a parent being told by their child that they’re the favourite parent, knowing that loyalty precludes them from allowing that kind of sentiment to go on unchallenged – but bloody letting it go on anyway.
You do you, Tony.
Source: The Australian.
Image: Getty Images / Scott Barbour.