Tony Abbott Is MIA, And The Media Is Starting To Send Out Search Parties

Last night, Tony Abbott broke spill precedent by not addressing the media after the Liberal party voted in Malcolm Turnbull as party leader. 

And as of right now, there has been no confirmed sightings of our former Prime Minister. There’s no sign of him at Parliament House, where Malcolm Turnbull left this morning’s party room meeting alone.

The situation is so dire that Sky News has a chopper just tailing his car with no confirmation that Abbott is actually in it.

They’ve got David Lipson literally reporting from the driveway:

The people of Australia are confused, Tones. Where the bloody hell are you?

Shit’s getting awkward, mates. Malcolm Turnbull is supposed to be getting sworn in today, but *technically* Tony is supposed to resign first.

With a heavy heart, Canberra now finds itself in an unenthusiastic game of Where In The World Is Tony Sandiego?

If you see Tony Abbott, please call the hotline on 1800 YUM ONION. Last seen wearing a blue tie and a cloak of quiet despair.

Updated at 11:51am: He’ll be speaking to media at 12:30pm today, a full 13 hours after Turnbull’s speech last night. Always quick to the punch, that one.

Picture: Paul Kane via Getty Images.