30 Months Later, Tony Abbott Is Demanding An Explanation For His Booting

Tony Abbott, the man who absolutely ruined his own life by fucking up the only job he’d ever wanted in the world, is feeling mighty vindicated right now. Why? Well, current prime minister and his sworn nemesis Malcolm Turnbull is just about to receive what will likely be his 30th negative Newspoll.


Why is that relevant? 30 negative Newspoll results is the justification the Turnbull camp used to knife Abbott all the way back in September 2015. And Tony is relishing it. Speaking to the Herald Sun, Abbott basically taunted his colleagues, suggesting they needed to explain why he was axed.

“As for that particular metric, that was not my metric and it is for others to explain the rhyme or the reason in it,” Abbott said.

“Life is not fair. We know that. Our challenge is to be as good as we possibly can.”

He also hinted that he thought he or someone else could be doing a better job than Turnbull:

The message I am getting from across Melbourne today is that people want us to do better. They want their government to do better and that’s the challenge for all of us whether it’s me, Angus Taylor, Kevin Andrews or Malcolm Turnbull.

I remind you that this all took place 30 months ago, and Tony is still very, very sore about it. This follows a tweet he made the other day defending his government, and bemoaning the leadership change.

Shocked – absolutely shocked, I tell you – to learn that Tony does not believe that the Liberal Party was justified in removing him from the leadership. Cannot believe this.