NSW Police Confirm Tony Abbott Didn’t Break COVID Rules, But Fine Him For His Onion Eating Pls

tony abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been questioned by police over a potential COVID breach, but was ultimately cleared.

For those of you who missed it, Senator Kristina Keneally allegedly claimed that Abbott, a resident of the Northern Beaches, had breached the New South Wales Public Health Order while on a bike ride in the local area. 

However, it turns out it was all a bunch of nothing, with the New South Wales Police today confirming that Abbott had been exercising with a friend, which is within the rules laid out by the Chief Health Officer. 

“I’m aware of that and at the end of the day, that matter was investigated,” NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said this morning when asked about the Abbott issue.

“Now, police responded to that, spoke to the former prime minister and formed the view he was not in breach of the health order as it applied at that time.”

He also added that residents should exercise common sense when it comes to COVID restrictions, urging everyone to just sort of… do the right thing without having to be explicitly told. 

“But, you need to apply some common sense here,” he said. 

“Stay-at-home where you can, stay within your areas, like if you’re in the southern part of the Northern Beaches, stay within the southern part of the Northern Beaches.”

 “And the same applies to the northern part.”

Many social media users have alleged that Abbott somehow *was* doing the wrong thing, with claims ranging from him allegedly being in the wrong area, to him not leaving the house for the purpose of exercise.

 However, New South Wales Police have legally cleared him of any wrongdoing, so as far as we can see right now, old mate Tone is free to enjoy his New Year’s Eve at home, presumably munching on some raw onions.