Tony Abbott, the former Prime Minister who famously encouraged Australians to snitch on people they believe came here by boat, believes it’s un-Australian that someone dobbed him in for not wearing a mask.

Earlier this morning, the maskless muncher told reporters he “never thought dobbing and snitching was part of the Australian character.”

“I believe that I was well within the law, reasonably interpreted. But I am not going to challenge the fine because I am not going to waste police time.

“…I think as soon as we can leave this health police state mindset behind us, the better for everyone.”

This coming from the King of Dibber-Dobbing is pretty fkn rich if you ask me. But, who knows, maybe eating a raw onion a day will do that to you.

In response to Abbott’s comments, the queen who snitched on him to Crime Stoppers told that the former PM was being absolutely hypocritical.

“Absolute hypocrisy. Under Tony Abbott’s reign he continuously called on Australians to dob in people,” she said.

“Now that Tones has been ‘dobbed in’ he’s calling members of his community Stasi-like? Don’t the rules apply to him?”

Earlier this week, Tony Abbott was spotted out in public without a mask after bumping into a friend at Fairy Bower in Manly Beach. Abbott denied that he was doing anything wrong, claiming that he was on his way to exercise and catch some “magic waves”—no idea what that’s code for.

However, according to witnesses at the scene, the toad-faced goblin said: “Shit, I don’t have my mask”. NSW Police issued him a $500 fine for breaching stay-at-home orders last night.

Back in December, NSW Police were told that the alleged stinky breather rode his bike outside of his lockdown radius. Officers looked into the issue but believed he was not breaching any health orders put in place at the time.