Tony Abbott Was Papped Not Wearing A Mask In Manly & Popped Off About ‘Oppressive Regimes’

tony abbott

Former PM and noted chomper of the raw onions, Tony Abbott, has been spotted in public without a mask. To make matters worse, he’s also defended his maskless endeavours by calling Gladys Berejiklian‘s lockdown an “oppressive regime”.

According to, who managed to get a hold of the papped pic of Abbott out in the open, Abbott was also overheard commenting on his travels overseas.

Abbott was reportedly out for a surf on Fairy Bower Beach in Manly with a mate, which was followed by a long chat by the sea and a coffee from the local cafe. All of this without a mask, mind you.

“Shit I don’t have my mask,” claims he was heard saying.

Apparently, his friend also joked about how he got back into the country after a busy trip to India, to which Abbott answered:

“I’ve got a passport mate, they had to let me into the country.”

Currently, in NSW there is a $500 fine for anyone spotted without a mask on, or anyone who is found to be without carrying a mask at all. All outdoor exercise is required to be done with a mask on, and although Abbott was out for a surf, a pleasant convo afterwards requires a mask.

Abbott also defended his decision to, saying that he was simply catching a “couple of magic waves.”

“It’s a perfect day in Sydney. Just a pity we’re all bloody suffering lockdown conditions. Apart from that, it’s as good as it can be,” he said.

“Look, I regard myself as having been at all times within the rules. I was surfing. That’s exercise. I was with one other person. That’s permitted. I then walked briskly to the coffee shop, that’s permitted.

“I didn’t have a mask on while I was drinking coffee. That’s permitted. So, all ridgy didgy even under the current rather oppressive regime.”

There’s something about Tony Abbott calling his own flouting of NSW mask rules ‘all ridgy didgy’ that has wiped the Vegemite clean off my toast. Truly cannot stand it.

If you need me I’m going to be constructing an onion mask. Maybe then Abbott will wear it.