Tony Abbott Has Likened Our COVID-19 Response To The Vietnam War And Can He Like Fkn Not?

Tony Abbott

Former Prime Minister of Australia and chronic parasite Tony Abbott has likened Australia’s COVID-19 response to the Vietnam War — which is problematic to say the least.

Abbott slammed Australia’s response in an essay published for the Institute of Public Affairs, according to

“We’ve protected lives and ruined them at the same time,” Abbott said.

”A bit like the Vietnam-era American officer who declared the village had to be destroyed in order to be saved.

“To me, it often seemed an over-reaction from people who’d forgotten the inevitability of death and the importance of living each day to the full.”

Abbott, who was only seven when Australians began being conscripted for the Vietnam War, has been very vocal about his disdain for the country’s response to COVID.

He even called the woman who dobbed him in for not wearing a mask “un-Australian”. Which is a massive lol, because I thought the most un-Australian thing you could do was to ahhh… offend our troops… which he’s clearly done with his Vietnam War commentary.

“I think as soon as we can leave this health police state mindset behind us, the better for everyone,” he said in response to the COVID fine he was issued by NSW Police.

I understand how some people want men like Tony Abbott to disappear of the face of the planet, but the fact of the matter is that this man was voted in by Australia to be the Prime Minister.

We need to talk about him because we need to understand why his views are are not in the country’s best interests. Nobody wants to be in lockdown, but it’s saved lives. Abbott is thinking about himself here, no one else.

He’s not going to magically disappear, because he is part of our history now. So it’s up to us to reflect on his poor behaviours/attitudes and vow to never vote someone in like him again.