AWW: Tom Hanks Falls In Love With “Bear” The Koala Detection Dog While Reading Nice Tweets

tom hanks bear

Tom Hanks, aka the sweetest, purest man in Hollywood, has somehow become even more sweet and pure because he wants Disney to make a movie about Australia’s koala-saving dog, Bear.

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If you know me at all, you’d know that I’m the founding member of the Tom Hanks Appreciation Society (not really, I wish). Naturally, I keep tabs on what he’s doing at all times, and this week its all about Bear the koala detection dog.

In case you missed it, Sunshine Coast University trained Bear to find injured koalas that have been displaced as a result of the truly horrifying bushfires that have destroyed Australia’s east coast.

The bushfires are horrible, but Bear’s story somehow managed to be the silver lining around the otherwise shitty cloud of smoke that has filled our skies. He’s such a good boy that even Tom Hanks knows about him.

Hanks, who most recently played the equally-delightful Mr Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood, discussed his love for Bear in his recent Nice Tweets with Tom Hanks segment on Twitter Movies.

Yes, Tom Hanks reads nice tweets because he’s an angel.

Throughout the segment, Tom reads through a number of tweets that’ll make your heart go “awwwww”, but the one about Bear really makes me feel something.

“This is a Disney movie that must be made – the story of Bear, the koala detection dog,” Hanks said. “That’s adorable.”

I’m not quite sure how an Australian hero like Bear ever got onto Tom Hanks’ radar, but he’s quite the fan of the canine companion, adding “I like Bear.”

The video, which has amassed a whopping 8.3 million views, discusses Bear’s story of being an abandoned puppy with OCD who later found work as a rescue dog. Honestly, Tom Hanks is right. This should be a Disney movie.

Hanks’ praise for Bear has helped to spread awareness about the crucial role that dogs play in rescue efforts like this.

“We did not expect to see Tom Hanks talking about Bear on Twitter, but it’s really shone a light on the work that Bear, and our other detection dogs, are doing to protect our environment and we’ve had so much positive feedback online,” Dr Celine Frere of USC said, according to Courier Mail.

“We have been contacted by people all around the world telling us how Bear has provided a bit of much-needed comfort and also has put in the spotlight the plight of koalas, some even telling us that Bear’s story inspired them to support koala conservation.”

Happy Thursday to Tom Hanks, Bear the koala detection dog and to you, the latest member of my Tom Hanks Appreciation Society.