Dude Puts Tom Hanks To Shame, Spends 16 Months Adrift In The Pacific

A man has spent 16 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean in an effort that makes Tom Hanks in Castaway look like a pussy.

Jose Ivan, a Mexican man set off from Mexico to El Salvadore on a 24ft fiberglass boat with a propeller-less engine back in 2012. Now, in 2014, his boat has rocked up to the Marshall Islands. That’s a good 8,000 miles from where he set off. He was emaciated, dishevelled and chilling with a turtle.

Though, according to reports, that turtle was the lucky one. The previous turtles fared less well on the voyage, with Ivan having to resort to eating them and drinking their blood in order to stay alive. Channelling his inner Bear Grylls he also ate birds and fish and anything else that was unlucky enough to come in reach of his talons.

Unfortunately for poor Ivan the only Mexican government plane that can land in the Pacific atoll of Ebon is out of service for maintenance and not expected to be available before Tuesday. Officials may instead send a boat out to pick him up, which is probably the last thing he wants considering he just spent the whole of 2013 and then some stuck on the water.

If the story checks out, he’ll claim the world-record for surviving the longest time adrift. Though he’ll probably never look at turtles the same way again.

Via The Age