Today In Hard-Hitting News: The Origin Of “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner”

The phrase “winner, winner, chicken dinner” isn’t great. We get that. But it’s also one of those nagging things where you may momentarily ponder its origin – but you’d be more likely to actively pursue Rowan Atkinson for a steamy make out session than bother to open a tab to google it. 

But here we are and you’ve already invested this far, so it looks like curiosity got the better of ya. So, kids, here’s the origin of “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

After conducting a deep, well-rounded investigation (skimming over 10-odd search engine results that lack proper citation), we’ve discovered that the origin of the term is a contentious topic – mmmm, yes, very contentious indeed. 
However, most agree on one theory, which miraculously makes a lot of sense. 
Back in the day, when everything was draped in a light sepia tone, all the casinos on the Vegas-strip served a $1.79 three-piece chicken dinner – consisting of a piece of chook, a spud and a random vegetable. The standard blackjack bet at the time was $2, and as all y’all halfway decent punters know, if you get a hand higher than the dealers then you double your dosh. See where this is going? If you won a hand of blackjack (doubling your $2 to $4), you could get yo hands on a free/cheeky chicken dinner – hence “winner, winner, chicken dinner”.
Yeah, agreed, it’s a bit underwhelming. Soz. 
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