Xbox Release A Greaseproof Controller For Those Gorging On Chicken Dinners

If you consider yourself a grubby motherfucker, Xbox has got just the controller for you. To celebrate the full release of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS on the platform, the company is releasing a limited run of greaseproof controllers so all those chicken dinners you’re winning don’t gunk up your gear.

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When I say limited, I mean limited; there’s only going to be 200 of these bad boys globally, so you’ll have to enter a comp to get your hands on one. Each sports the signature PUBG colour scheme and logo, along with a special coating which is resistant to grease and oil, as well as minor scratches and water. Every unit also has a unique number, so you know exactly which of the 200 controllers you have.

Only 10 of the 200 will be given away across Australia and New Zealand, with details to be provided via the Xbox ANZ Facebook page this week, so make sure you chuck it a like and keep an eye out.

If you have no idea what this chicken dinner business is all about, winning a game of PUBG will gift you with the phrase, “winner winner chicken dinner” at the top of the screen. A thrilling and beautiful moment for all involved.

“With such a massive player base, from the veterans of Erangel, to the Miramar rookies, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a game where truly anything can happen,” Xbox lead for ANZ, Tania Chee, said via a release. “The launch of 1.0 brings the much-anticipated Sanhok Map and much more to Xbox One, enhancing the experience of the fantastically popular game, and we’re happy to have created such special gear for the occasion.”

If you don’t consider yourself particularly greasy, you can always have it around for your one mate who it. No one likes a greasy controller.

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