An Aussie Tiktoker Has Given The Anti-Mask ‘Karen’ Saga The Bunnings Ad Parody It Deserves

Honestly, sometimes the most obvious jokes are the best ones for a reason. And after that whole brouhaha regarding that anti-masking dickhead drumming up heat for herself by being a fucken pest at a Bunnings, it absolutely tracks that the saga now has its own version of the unmistakable Bunnings ad, courtesy of the glory that is TikTok.

Australian TikToker Zach Mander pulled the remarkably good parody off a few short hours ago, replicating the affable-but-quietly snarky tone of the classic Bunnings ad fairly spectacularly.

In a TikTok post that’s already attracted thousands of likes on the platform, Maunder puts the whole saga through the wringer, complete with a range of Bunnings “specials” – on products like Tin Foil Hat, a Pandemic For Dummies guidebook, and the all-encompassing Karen Kit – and the unmistakable Bunnings ad background music. Honestly? Can’t fault a single bit of this.

@zach_manderThe new Bunnings ad ##australia ##aussie ##fyp♬ original sound Zach Mander

He even went the whole hog and included the price match guarantee. That’s the kind of attention to detail that you simply cannot teach. That’s elite-tier shit, is what that is.

Actually you know what, as good as this is, it might be best viewed with a snag in bread. The sizzles aren’t running in Victoria anytime soon, but one dropped in the pan at home is probably just as good for now.