Karen From Bunnings Appears To Have Been Identified By Her ‘Appalled’ Former Employers

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

There are claims that identity of Karen from Bunnings has been revealed, after a former workplace sought to distance themselves from the disgraced mask-refuser.

iSelect has been responding to quite a few Twitter mentions this afternoon, expressing how “appalled” it is by #BunningsKaren’s actions.

“Kerry Nash has not worked for iSelect since Dec ’18,” the company states. “We are appalled by #BunningsKaren’s refusal to wear a mask without disclosing a legitimate reason. We fully comply with COVID restrictions & any staff unable to WFH must wear a mask in our office, in accordance with guidelines.”

Technically speaking, iSelect did not outright confirm Kerry Nash was the woman in the viral video, but that’s how it’s being reported by the Daily Telegraph, 7News, and the Daily Mail – just to name a few.

Nash’s LinkedIn profile, if this is indeed her, claims that she’s “skilled in contact centers [sic], management, customer service, coaching, and performance management.” Customer service. Incredible.

For those who had the pleasure of missing out on the drama, Bunnings Karen rose to notoriety over the weekend after her trip to the respective warehouse, and subsequent outrage surrounding masks, went viral.

The footage shows Bunnings staff members politely asking her to put on a mask – something that is a courteous, selfless and easy thing to do. The footage also shows the #BunningsKaren vehemently disputing their request.

“It is in breach of the 1948 charter of human rights to discriminate against men and women,” she said, at one point.

“It unlawful, and it is discriminatory, and it is illegal, and I’m going to continue going in here and getting what I need because it is unlawful for you to do that.”

As for most things Karen-related, the footage spread like wildfire, prompting mass indignation from the public.

It even prompted Lisa Wilkinson to say a couple words: “You can only shake your head,” she said, declaring the whole thing “a waste of time and energy”.

“The customer’s behaviour towards our team was completely unacceptable and we’re proud of the way our team calmly and professionally handled the situation,” a Bunnings spokesperson told 7News.

Another day, another Karen, it seems.