A TikTok Dating Coach Shared 3 Lies Men Tell Women To String Them Along, But Where’s The Rest?

TikTok Dating Coach

TikTok dating coach Jacob Lucas (@jacoblucas101) has shared three lies that men tell women to give them false hope when dating and mate, there are definitely more than three.

Okay, so I may be bragging a bit here — and before I say it, I want to ward off any evil eyes (IYKYK) — but I’ve been blessed with a long-ass, happy relationship. Before that though, I really was in the trenches and had to dig through a bunch of scrubs that would always throw me lies and empty promises.

And unfortunately, these kinds of men will make you think you’re in a relationship but KABANG! They leave you looking like a stunned mullet.

If you’re still on the hunt for that serious relo’ but you’re afraid of being sucked into a drama fuelled situationship, do not fret! UK-based dating coach Jacob Lucas has spilled some major intel that’ll save you time if you’re unsure about your new mate.

In a recent TikTok video, Lucas exposed three lies men tell women to give them false hope when dating and even though he specifically says men, I think anyone can say these lies to keep you wondering and waiting.

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It’s also worth mentioning that there are definitely more than three, but I’ll give Lucas the grace of having to deal with a short TikTok duration allowance — even though TikTok offers 10-minute videos now. Just saying.

So if you’re wondering if you’re being gooped by someone you’re dating OR you’re just curious, here are three lies:

“I’m not ready for a relationship yet”

According to Lucas, if you’ve been dating someone for over three months and they say this exact phrase, it’s time to go!

Lucas said: “If a guy can’t make his mind up if he wants to be with you after three months, then he’s a very low-value man because it shows that he’s very indecisive and you deserve somebody so much better.”

Oooft. Keeping that “low-value man” burn for next time.

“When he tells you ‘I love you’ but still won’t commit to you”

Everyone knows this!!!

IDK about you guys, but commitment and loyalty definitely fall behind the definition of love.

According to our dating coach Lucas’, people will only pull this move if they want to “string you along”.

I’m definitely not shocked by this lie. It’s an immediate red flag if anyone says “I love you” but won’t call you their GF or BF.

“It’s just not the right time in my life for me to be in a relationship with you”

Skrrrt! If someone says this, pump the damn breaks in your ‘relationship’ IMMEDIATELY.

Lucas didn’t elaborate too much on this sneaky little lie but he did say: “If you’re giving somebody boyfriend privileges without them actually being your boyfriend but they wanna string you along, they will say this.”

I ain’t no love doctor, but if they really wanted to pursue a relationship with you, they wouldn’t use time as an excuse. They would choose to be with you no matter what.

Folks on Lucas’ TikTok have shared their experiences with these lies in the comment section.

“I received all three,” one person wrote.

A second person commented:  “You brought back some memories. These are so right! Also, You forgot: you’re too good for me. I don’t deserve you!”

Another person said that maybe men say “I love you” in order to get away with bad behaviour, and I’m lowkey sold on that idea.

Although I am very lucky when it comes to love, it’s still really disheartening how people can be so conniving when dating.

Literally, if you wanna fuck around, go for it! But don’t go out and waste people’s time.

Again, I am not a dating coach like old mate, but next time someone strings you along send them your PayPal and demand a fee.