A TikTok Matchmaker Spilled On What Straight Men Want In A Partner & Tell ‘Em They’re Dreamin’

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TikTok matchmaker Gina Hendrix (@matchmakerginahendrix) has revealed the three types of women that straight men request most, so if you hit all three, I guess you’re the most dateable person alive.

NGL, when people talk about “their types”, my mind instantly moves to Pokémon. You’ve got your water, frozen and fairy etc types. The limit of options does not exist.

And sometimes people have preferences on what type of Pokémon they catch, just like dating!

But in the real world, it is more serious, and people can have really high expectations for what they want in their future partner.

Some people use dating apps, and others seek professional help from dating experts like Hendrix to find people who fit those wants.

However, some of these expectations can be unreal.

Hendrix, who claims to have more than 15 years of experience in matchmaking, came with ALL THE DATING TEA on TikTok, spilling what men are looking for in women — specifically the top three requests made by men.

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So if ya wanna check the list out, here are the three most common requests that straight men make when looking for a partner, according to Hendrix. But I swear to god, some of these requests are a damn lie.

P.S. I would most definitely take this with a grain of salt ‘cos Hendrix is an American matchmaker, and honestly, I have no clue what the dating pool is like in that area of the world. Anyways, here we go!


It may be autumn, but it looks like short king summer will be sticking around for a while because men apparently want “tall tall” women.

Unfortunately, Hendrix does not specify the exact desired measurements, and to be completely honest, as a 4″11 Filipina baddie, I don’t think I can define what classifies as tall.

Although Hendrix noted this as one of the top three requests, some commenters were shocked.

One user wrote, “Tall surprises me!”

“I’m five feet tall, and lots of guys tell me they love petite women. Maybe it’s a regional thing? I’m in the south,” another user added.

Great Career

Siri, chuck on “Miss Independent” by Neyo.

According to Hendrix, “These guys have built their own careers, and when it comes to finding somebody to be able to take to all these huge functions they go to, they want somebody more than just looks.”

But as the righteous TLC said, we “don’t want no scrubs.” They gotta be doing something as well!

Yoga Girlies

Okay, but who doesn’t love a yoga girlie? I love seeing my besties living their best lives with yoga in their Cotton On Body sets, but apparently, men like that too.

Although yoga has a lot of physical health benefits, Hendrix believes men are attracted to the “earthy, motherly, beauty girl next door” vibe it gives.

Given that everyone has different tastes and attraction is very subjective, lists like this seem kind of pointless, but it’s still interesting to analyse the thought process of some straight men. It’s almost like analysing monkeys in the zoo.

However, people in the comments cast doubt over whether or not being “tall” was one of the most requested things.

Source: TikTok / @matchmakerginahendrix
Source: TikTok / @matchmakerginahendrix
Source: TikTok / @matchmakerginahendrix
Source: TikTok / @matchmakerginahendrix
Source: TikTok / @matchmakerginahendrix

But hey, if you fall into one of these categories OR if you have the holy trinity of all three, I guess you can label yourself as one of the most desired people in the dating pool.

If you don’t, I wouldn’t fret too much because being yourself is what truly matters.

And if they don’t like you for you, they better move along and keep on dreamin’.