A Thunderstorm Asthma Warning Has Been Issued For Victorians, So Stay The Fuck Inside

thunderstorm asthma warning

The Victorian Department of Health has issued a warning for thunderstorm asthma, after hectic storms are expected to lash most states in the coming days.

After a warning yesterday of extreme weather set to pummel almost every state this week, South Australia is battling storms, which are expected to become more severe, and make their way across this Victoria this afternoon.

The strong winds headed towards Melbourne have triggered a warning from the Victorian Department of Health for people who suffer asthma: stay the fuck inside (if you can), because it’s officially thunderstorm asthma season.

Thunderstorm asthma is likely triggered by a yucky cocktail of high amounts of grass pollen in the air, and a certain type of thunderstorm. For people who have asthma or hay fever, this can be dangerous and leave you experiencing some very serious wheezing and coughing.

People who have asthma are advised to try and stay inside during the storm, close all doors and windows, and turn any airconditioning to recirculate mode. Keep your puffer and any other medication you take on hand, and make sure you’re prepared with an asthma action plan.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has warned that the risk of thunderstorm asthma, combined with the COVID-19 crisis happening in the state at the moment, is probably going to put extra pressure on hospitals that are already struggling.

“This will be a challenging time,” he said, per 9 News.

“We see this seasonally every year. There’s pressure in our health system and across the board because we have many more people in hospital with the virus.”

But, Acting Chief Health Officer Professor Brian Cowie is reassuring Victorians that there is a plan “in place for surge events around thunderstorm asthma” in the state’s emergency response network.

You can read more about how to protect yourself from thunderstorm asthma here.