Those Burn-Offs Are Still Gifting Sydney With Ridic Stunning Skies

If you were in Sydney tonight you were probably witness to an incredibly majestic sunset, if you weren’t in Sydney tonight you were also probably witness to an incredibly majestic sunset after every single person in Sydney posted at least one photo of it to Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks to controlled burning and God (who is definitely real [just kidding (or am I)]), the sunset was a particularly stunning collections of purples and yellows and pinks and all the other colours that make for a great Instagram photo.
Just in case you didn’t get enough of it on your own feed, we’ve rounded up the best of what everyone in Sydney desperate for those precious likes and favourites has to offer.

Some people like comedian Dan Ilic had to deal with a less than stellar view from indoors:

Wow.. I’ve just witnessed the best Sydney sunset (at work on Facebook)

A photo posted by Dan Ilic (@danilic) on

While other were quick to point out that Sydney wasn’t the only place getting an incredible sunset, like this one snapped in Brisbane:

Photo: Twitter.