Sunsets. On average, they happen about once a day, and usually pass without much comment other than ‘huh, that’s nice’.

But yesterday, Sydney was treated to some actual, honest-to-god purple rain spectacular.

Storms have been hammering the NSW capital all weekend. On Saturday, the city was pelted with hail the size of tennis balls, but on Sunday, the city was treated to a post-thunder storm haze of IRL purple rain.

Shut up everyone, shut up! There is for real, actual #PurpleRain taking place on my balcony right now.

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Prince – may his beautiful soul rest in peace – once explained the meaning of his most famous song as: “When there’s blood in the sky – red and blue = purple … purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain.”

You’re a bit of a beaut tonight aren’t you, sky.

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Insanely beautiful skies are part of the post-thunderstorm deal, but usually they stick to orange hues. That’s because most thunderstorms occur in the late afternoon, and shorter wavelengths of light (i.e. the blue tones) are scattered quickly, leaving only the yellow-orange-red end of the spectrum.

And sure, we had some of that last night, too.

But the purple skies, and in some parts of the city, actual purple rain, was a special treat.

We’ve put in a request to the Bureau of Meteorology to find out why this phenomenon occurred, but until then, just enjoy the extreme aesthetics of Sydney last night.


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About last night ..

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We had a grapefruit sunset tonight ????

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Then the sky starting blushing back ?? #pinksky #sydneyharbour #sunset #sydneysunset #beautifulsky #skyline #weekendvibes #godisgreat

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Amazing light this evening. About fifteen minutes after the last photo. #sydney #sydneysunset #sky #skyline #clouds #instasydney #sydneyatnight #sydneyatitsbest

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The sky looks insanely beautiful right now! my kind of colour palette ????

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Photo: Melissa Mason / Instagram.