I Have A Severe Case Of House Envy Over The Veronicas’ Stunning New Self-Sustainable Home

the veronicas house

Pop duo The Veronicas have officially committed to the zero-waste lifestyle with the purchase of a $695,000 sustainable home in Queensland.

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The 34-year-old twin sisters and their partners moved into their new property in Sunday’s episode of their MTV reality show Blood Is For Life.

Located on the edge of Dularcha National Park, the four-bedroom property is a “sprawling tropical oasis” that’ll hopefully be the birthplace for the next The Veronicas record.

the veronicas house

But the truly impressive thing is the sisters’ desire to make the home totally zero-waste.

“My dream with this house is to make it completely self-sustainable,” Lisa told partner Logan Huffman in the episode. “I don’t want any water to be wasted. I want to be growing all of our food. I want everything we use to be low-impact on the environment.”

the veronicas house

Now, I must admit, I’m a little obsessed with The Veronicas. Not in the “stalk them at the airport and force them to take a selfie with me” way, more in the “I want them to be my friend” way.

But obsessed or not, it’s pretty impressive to see such influential people put their money where their mouths are when it comes to sustainability.

In addition to being water-conscious and self-sufficient when it comes to food, the sisters are also keen to set up bee hives and start composting.

We simply cannot help but stan sustainable queens.

Personally, I’d rather cut off my left arm than buy a house with my sister. But it seems the Untouched vocalists are more than happy to remain in close proximity to each other.

“We can’t ever escape this, it’s all of our money,” Jess joked.

the veronicas house

To be fair, the four-bedroom home is anything but quaint. Featuring four large bedroom, a granny flat, a games room and an outdoor work space, there’s plenty of room for both couples.

The property looks like one of those rustic “rural escape” Airbnbs that you keep telling yourself you’ll take a weekend vacay to.

the veronicas house

Say what you will about The Veronicas. Maybe you’re not a fan of their music, maybe you think they were wrong in the whole Qantas saga, but it’s pretty darn cool to see celebrities of their calibre using their wealth to reduce their environmental footprint.

You can have a snoop through their exquisite new home on their reality show Blood Is For Life, available now on MTV Australia.