A while ago, we posted the delightful tale of filmmaker Peter Carstairs, whose Doritos advert ‘Ultrasound’ won a major Doritos competition in the US and ended up being played at Superbowl 50, which happened today. 

The ad very cleverly toes the line of horrifying and hilarious, as we stated back at the start of January

But, unfortunately, it appears to have gone right over the heads of almost every single American person. Don’t believe us? Have a browse of the ‘Doritos ad’ tag on Twitter right now, it’s a motherfkn ~warzone~. 

Americans are seemingly convinced that the ad ‘depicts abortion’, and makes fun of ‘premature labour’ (which of course, is a really serious issue due to it potentially leading to fatality or severe disability). Including pro-choice group NARAL:

And while we’re not sure if it does – you can pretty clearly hear the doctor say that the woman is ‘ready to pop any day now’ – it’s left the American public dumbfounded, regardless. 


Don’t worry though, The Rock and Al Roker absolutely fkn loved it:

Surprisingly enough, ‘Ultrasound’ didn’t win the Doritos grand prize (USD$1 million, and a chance to work with director Zack Snyder), an adorable ad featuring three thieving dogs making adorable plans to crime packets of Doritos did, instead:

But all in all – it seems as though an Aussie-made advert may well have broken the United States’ collective brains. But our sentiments lay with Twitter user @ditzkoff – ya’ll got far bigger fish to fry and more ridiculous things to attempt to apply logic to, America:

#BreakTheUSA #AussieAussieAussieOiOiOi

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Supplied.