The Selby: Better Homes Than Yours

Sifting through photographer Todd Selby’s snaps on The Selby, you’ll find a whole load of fascinating trinkets which will keep you locked to the site for the rest of the afternoon, wondering who or what is going to turn up next.

There’s artists, designers, actors, directors, dudes with Deloreans, the Cobrasnake and his Grandparents, buzz band Heartsrevolution, all of whom open up their embarrassingly-cool homes for Selby’s curious lens.

Each entry on the Selby sees Todd pay a visit to one of his many hip contacts, who more often than not have gorgeous, sprawling homes, decorated with their own intensely individual style. From author Tom Wolfe’s refined pad to Mark Hunter’s plethora of big-boy toys and the dazzling spectacle of designer Brian Lichtenberg’s apartment, these homes perfectly mirror the personalities of their inhabitants.

Each frame is taken with the utmost care and consideration by Selby who is dedicated to capturing the intricacies of these abodes. The Selby.

Serious home envy right now.