All across the nation, Australians choose to celebrate our now bi-annual leadership spills in their own way.

Some of us break open the cheese and chardonnay and play ABC drinking games (shot of empty corridor, sip; anchors checking their phones on camera, three fingers). Some fervently pound out Twitter jokes and pray for retweets with all the subtlety of Alan Jones.

And a select special few? They go ahead and edit the fuck out of Wikipedia.

First up, we’ve got Malcolm “The Slayer” Turnbull, which is an appropriately metal name for someone whose signature piece is a leather jacket:

The People Went To Town On Wikipedia Page Edits During #Libspill

Then there’s the larrikin who decided that we spill so often and so, so well, that it’s become one of our national pastimes, up there with 20 years of making knifey / spoony jokes and losing the cricket.

The Prime Minister of Australia’s page was, quite frankly, off its rocker.

And finally, there’s the fast typing hero who thoughtfully updated Tony Abbott‘s Wikipedia entry within literal minutes.

The People Went To Town On Wikipedia Page Edits During #Libspill
All pages are now back to their less humorous but factually correct states, apart from Abbott’s, which remains both. Australia, you know what to do.