Malcolm Turnbull Now Officially PM, Yet To Make It Twitter Official

And so this tale of spill and woe comes to a close. It began at 4pm yesterday, with Malcolm Turnbull requesting a ballot, and ends now, with Turnbull swearing in as our official 29th Prime Minister of Australia. Press gallery journos, you can sleep now. It’s over.

Here’s the moment of the inking:

John Howard, who you may remember as the man who managed to hold on to the Prime Ministership for a positively ridiculous 11 years, stepped up to say a few nice words about Abbott / Turnbull and casually remind everyone what politics was like before pre-Twitter.

Meanwhile, Turnbull has yet to make his new role ‘Twitter official’, which means he’s either waiting till Tony does his (which Tones did, some time in the last hour or so), or is too busy fiddling with the Cabinet to bother.