A Reboot Of The Office U.S Is On The Cards And If Pam And Jim Aren’t Together I’m Gonna RIOT

Ryan started the fire a long time ago, but someone has kept the flame alive and now there’s talks that The Office (US) might have a reboot in the pipeline soon.

People everywhere have been frothing at the idea of a reboot for what seems to be everyone’s favourite office sitcom for years! Hell, we almost lost it at the prospect in 2019.

However the talks have continued, and in June this year the show’s original network NBC announced they had greenlit a reboot for the beloved mockumentary, once its original director Greg Daniels was available again.

And then the funniest thing happened: the entire union of writers and actors in Hollywood got sick of not being paid enough, and went on strike together for the first time since the 60’s.

This of course meant that despite being greenlit, studios and executives could not make any announcements about anything, including The Office reboots, because they had nobody who would write those shows for under a living wage anymore.

But now that the strikes have reached a “tentative” conclusion, rumours have begun about the potential goodies lying for us around the corner – including reports that a reboot of The Office will be announced once the strikes are lifted!

Amazing news for the people in your life with great taste, and the people without it! The chance that Michael, Dwight, and even Toby could return to our screens is sure to lift spirits of even the Angelas you know.

This news also comes at a time when another reboot of The Office is much closer, in time and in location, as the Australian version of the iconic show is coming soon.

Set to star the hilarious Felicity Ward in a gender-swapped take on Michael Scott, The Office (Aus) finished filming in early August, and is currently in post-production.

After finishing in 2013, it’s been a decade of rewatching old episodes and seeing that one clip get used by every fire-safety instructor on the planet.

But now The Office renaissance is coming. That’s what she said.