The sacred ‘NT News‘ have done it again: after maybe sorta calling ScoMo a cunt, hiring a possible world-first Croc/UFO Reporter, and getting a psychic croc to predict the 2016 election, they’ve now released the cover for tomorrow’s edition, and it’s a doozy.

~kisses fingers~ 

Before this moment I did not know that i needed to know about the Darwin dude who got drunk and swallowed what looks like a 20-cent piece. But now I need to know.  

And I am not alone in thinking this is a real pearler of a headline.

Other twitterers would prefer it if the ‘NT News‘ stuck to hard news, mostly pertaining to croc sightings, but they are in fact wrong.  

God bless you, ‘NT News‘: the only rag guaranteed to tell us what is right and true in the world.

Source & Photo: Twitter.