Fifth in line for the throne and first in line for our hearts Prince Harry was in the country recently, and while here, he did a bit of a sneaky mission to the Northern Territory, where he proved to be “a natural” at croc catching.

Per reports in ABC News, the ginger prince helped rangers rope in a 3.1-metre crocodile, with the Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife Service‘s Crocodile Management Team. 
“He’d make a great croc catcher. He responded to directions when catching the croc, helped pull it into the boat, and did a great job,” said Erin Britton, of NT Parks And Wildlife. 
“I wasn’t sure what to expect at first because you don’t meet royalty every day, but I found him very approachable and easy to chat with,” adding that he came across as “self-confident but humble” and “a real sweetie.”
The below pics, released today by the NT Parks And Wildlife Service via their Facebook page, represent peak Harry. In related news, Erin’s got a boooooy-friiiiiiend. Enjoy