NT News Adds ‘Croc And UFO Reporter’ To Deadly Serious Journalistic Roster

One of Australia‘s most important journalistic institutions has made an incredibly on-brand announcement today, with the NT News celebrating the addition of a dedicated Croc / UFO Reporter to their team.

Known primarily for stories about incredibly large crocs and for using some of the country’s worst / best puns in their headlines, the NT News is the rowdiest newspaper you can buy in Australia that doesn’t actively promote xenophobia.
If you’re not familiar with their oeuvre, this is a pretty good example of what they’re about:

Also this:

The coveted role will go to Jill Poulsen, originally from Queensland, who, while believing crocs and UFOs will still be covered by the team at large, says she is excited to be taking the helm on this unique beat.
Poulsen already has experience writing about crocs and reckons she personally has seen a UFO before, so sounds like she’s pretty well perfect for the role.

Source: SMH.

Photo: Getty Images / Stringer.