The Latest Instagram Hotspot Is Actually A Dump For Chemical Waste

What if I told you there was a lake somewhere so beautiful and pristine it would change the way you see the world? Its technicolour blue water would dissolve your reflection into a million sparkling pieces and the pristine, lush, surrounds of grasslands and daisies would feel like a thousand tiny pillows under your warm feet.

Such is the reality for a small piece of paradise in Siberia known as the Novosibirsk Maldives.

The only catch? It’s actually a highly toxic artificial pond that a nearby coal plant uses to dump ash and other chemicals in.

The chemical waste dump’s awe-inspiring turquoise pond has only managed to become as beautiful as it is because of calcium salts and metal oxides that have found themselves in the water.

The company that runs the nearby plant, Siberian Generating Company (very normal name, don’t look into it), has told revellers that while the water has normal radiation levels and “is not poisonous”, they’ve also said that getting out of the pond’s muddy floor is “almost impossible.” So while the small patch of paradise is beautiful, and could still change your perspective on the beauty of natures symbiotic relationship with humanity, it will likely give you a skin infection, also.

Of course, none of this information has scared off hundreds of would-be influencers and selfie takers from visiting the European tropics of Heating and Electrical Station Number 5.

Rather than avoiding the dumping ground, locals and tourists are celebrating marriage next to the toxic waste dump, relaxing in bikinis while fumes no-doubt drift overhead, and pulling their legs up into a perfect standing split. Some have even ventured on to the lake with standing paddle-boards.

Leo Alexey, who set up a fan account of the location called “Novosibirsk Maldives”, told CNN he just enjoys photography.

“The place is really interesting although you cannot swim there because of the high content of calcium and metal oxides which may cause allergies.”

“I have been there five times, and I plan on going more.”

The water is beautiful, and so are the photos, just for the love of God just don’t go in.