The ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Gang Snubbed For People’s Choice Invite, Won Anyway

BIG NEWS, BITCHES. Everyone’s favourite ragtag group of terrible Pennsylvanians are back.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia started its eleventh season yesterday in the US (and for those of you still embracing the pirate life, it’s a hot start to the season – Chardee MacDennis! The game of games!) which is a remarkable achievement for a show that started out with a $50 pilot.
Continually one of FX‘s cornerstone shows, the series is widely beloved by its rabid audience – and that audience really only grows with each season that passes.
And just to ram that last point home even more, the show managed to pick up a People’s Choice Award yesterday for Favourite Cable TV Comedy, beating out other rivals in the category such as Real Husbands of Hollywood, Baby Daddy, Faking It, and Young & Hungry.
Only problem is that nobody at the People’s Choice Awards bothered to tell anyone at Sunny that they’d won.
Or that they were even nominated.
Or even invite them to the awards ceremony.
Show co-creator/Project Badass founder Rob McElhenney flippantly confirmed the not-even-surprising-anymore oversight on Twitter late yesterday.

It’s frustratingly on-theme for a show that, despite widespread public and critical acclaim, hasn’t exactly been the darling of industry awards. Rather, it’s just always existed as the sort-of black sheep of the industry.

‘Course, it’s not like the show did an entire episode that was a thinly-veiled swipe at their lack of industry recognition, gifting us in the process the perfect song for precisely an occasion such as this.

To hell with the industry. Keep fighting the Nightman, gang.