The Formula For Coca Cola Revealed At Last

Coke is so interesting. But let’s talk soft drinks for a minute.

Besides being crazy refreshing, it’s amazing how many interesting pieces of information that are floating around about Coca Cola: You can dissolve corrosion just by using Coca-cola. You can bake a moist Christmas ham with a Coke. It was originally sold as cure for your average hangover. Coke can also be used to relieve the sting from Jelly Fish. All you have to do is pour the Coke over the sting. The acids in cola make it a handy household cleaning product.

How does it do all these amazing things?

The answer may be in the Black Doctor‘s secret formula that may or may not have been uncovered by This American Life (a weekly radio show in the US and a podcast well worth your downloading). This American Life discovered a 1979 newspaper article “with what looked like the original recipe for Coke”, which they subsequently tested. You can tune in to the podcast to see if the discovery is accurate, or you can use the recipes below to make your own batch – all ingredients can be bought online.

Via Perth Now

Coca Cola is refreshing and you know what else is? Pop-culture updates direct to your Inbox with Pedestrian Daily News. Ahh – refreshing.