Coca-Cola To Cut Out The Middle Man With First Ever Alcoholic Pre-Mix

When you really think about it, it’s kind of insane that a lot of us pour a black, bubbly liquid down our gobs on the reg and think absolutely nothing of it, such is the ubiquity of the world’s most imbibed soft drink Coca-Cola.

Not content with plying the entire globe with sugary syrup, the evil masterminds behind Coke are now moving to monopolise that other fun liquid we all love to knock back with reckless abandon: booze.

In an extremely smart cutting-out-the-middle-man approach to capitalistic greed, Coke has announced a pre-mix product called Chu-Hi, which combines regular coke with a Japanese liquor called shochu.

A stock photo of sochu in a Japanese bar.

Hugely popular in its home country (on average it’s consumed even more than sake) shochu is a distilled liquor made from sweet potato and packs one hell of a punch, often hovering around the 30% alcoholic content mark.

The new coke pre-mix however, will be aiming to be considered a low-level alcoholic beverage, with only a 5% or so alcoholic volume, so more on par with your watermelon vodka cruiser.

Unforch for now Coca-Cola are only planning on trialling the new Coke-ahol in Japan with no current plans to introduce it or something similar in Australia.

Let’s be honest though, if you were looking for a second global market to ply some new alcopops, where else would you head?