One of the biggest disappointments in life as an adult is the prevalent, yet bullshit, understanding that ball pits are for kids.

Unfortunately it’s just a fact that at some point in your life society decides that you’re “too old” to roll around amongst a large quantity of plastic balls and that you’re “disturbing all the actual children” and that you should have “read the 14 Years & Under sign, sir, please leave, the children are crying”.

Obviously this is a disgraceful ideology that serves only to punish those of age. Thus, one superlatively genius Australian man has come up with a way to circumnavigate this backwards creed, with a particularly adults-only version of the beloved Pit Of Balls.

The unnamed gentleman from Moonta, South Australia (because, of course he’s from a place called fucking MOONTA), has over the past 15 years crafted a new-age ballpit in his backyard shed, but instead of populating it with plastic spheres, it houses a Melbourne Cups worth of VB tinnies.


*wipes away a single tear*

Showcased via a series of YouTube vides as discovered by Yahoo7, the hero of our time has allegedly gathered these tens of thousands of green bullets, purely by purchasing and drinking them himself. Fuck me if there isn’t a MasterCard “priceless” ad in all of this.

Allow this, also unnamed, woman to be the David Attenborough of the situation and guide you through the VB Shed in this introductory video:


Finally, witness the Scrooge McFuck-Yeah of our generation, living his absolute best life, durrie in mouth, taking in a few laps of of the world’s greatest ball pit:


Source: Yahoo7
Image: Youtube / Tammy Penhall