The Coalition Is Now Ahead In ABC Seat Tally, But A Majority Ain’t Certain

The latest count from the semi-sentient ultracomputer deep in the subterranean bowels of the ABC, engineered by the mad genius Antony Green has the Coalition ahead at 70 seats to Labor‘s 67. Green reckons they’ll secure at least 73 seats, but have a small chance of reaching the 76 required to form a majority.

But that’s by no means certain. “I think they can get to 76,” Green said. “73 is a definite, 74 is also likely, 75 is possible, 76 is less possible.”

“It’s still either a very, very narrow Coalition majority or hung parliament. The Coalition will have more seats than Labor.” 

The change in poll numbers comes via the prediction that the Coalition will retain the Brisbane seat of Petrie and the regional South Australian seat of Grey.
Because the likelihood that neither party will secure an outright majority, word is that lines of communication are open with the crossbenchers, which is pollie speak for frantic, possibly tearful begging and desertion of all previously held party values.
Stay tuned.
Source: ABC.
Photo: Getty Images.